Vie Goals

Jin Young


  • Learn 3 Languages
    • Mandarin
    • Korean
    • Thai
    • Find Internal Mentees
    • Become Manager
      • More relationships
      • More revenue streams into the company
      • @ PWC in 4 years!  (2 years in…Pressure)


  • Refinance Home
  • Travel to Asia within the next 2 years
  • Stay Married
  • Have Kids

Fitness Goal:

  • Got to the gym 6 days a week

Neil Dutta


  • 1st step: set goals in stone!
  • Develop Portfolio and market results prospectus.
  • Liquidate current portfolio by end of year 2010
  • Continue to expand network of real estate leaders in SD (3 strong contacts)
  • Purchase and investment property in next 6 months


  • Learn Photography
    • HDR photography
    • Go International
    • Better at Cooking
    • Be frugal


  • Gym Workout 4 times week

Craig Stern




  • Get technical Co-Foudner
  • Launch: Reach 200,000 Eyeballs
  • Partnership with Text book rental company (chegg)
  • Social Venture for hs students foster entrepreneurship
  • Personal Training business
  • Platform to live stream a show

Physical Goal

  • Run Half Marathon
  • Consistent Sleep Pattern

Matt Decelles- Also see attached Matt Goals Doc


  • Consume less content: (Information Binge 1 day a week)
  • Buy a house fixer upper single family home
  • Generate 2000 recurring
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. (5 a month)
  • Work out 3 times a week before work
  • Wake up at 6:00am every day


  • Roll out Rainbow Nationwide to 1 sorority
  • Build web content and recurring business Sign 10 clients



  • Dissertation or Drop it
  • Defend dissertation


  • Plan A
    • Land internship à Associate position at VC firm (100k+ salary)
    • Networking
      • VCs
      • Organizations that have VCs.
      • Plan B
        • Get a job as field application scientist
        • Business Development (70k+)
        • Networking
  • Plan C
    • Land job as product manager, jr product manager at biotech company (40k+ salary)


  • Become frugal (prepare own meals)
  • Involved with Science related charity
  • Break late-night owl habit
  • Stop multi-tasking
  • Reading 30 books per year (2.5 per month)
  • Wake up by 6:45am

Parker Harris


  • Building relationships (5 per year)
  • Continue Kung-Fu
  • Sail (once per month)
  • Save $10k (liquid=harder)
  • Gym (5 days per week)
  • Never eat alone
  • Wake up by 6:45am
  • Volunteer (fits with your passions)
  • Write a book (How to Succeed in College)
    • Come up with a sweet pen name
    • Lessons To Teach Our Children


  • QIN Business Plan comp at QCOM
  • Talk to 2 QCOM Execs
    • Akash, VP of Finance
    • ?
    • CFA Exam 1
    • Take an excel class
    • Plan multi-day social event (camping trip, etc.)
    • Continue to have Junto meetings


  • Continue to grow in marketing capacity (Raise)
  • Work out four days a week
  • Continue relationship with Ryan
  • Read more (1 book per month)
  • Board Member at VOW
  • Get goals written on paper
  • Get a mentor

Ryan Howard


  • Create additional Revenue Stream
  • Get a job with Pandora
  • Determine if I want to pursue an alternate career path


  • Save More (at least $50 per week outside of 401K contribution)
  • Volunteering (once per month)
  • Run a marathon
  • Become more Fit
  • Attend conference or two
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese
  • Bringing lunch (4 days a week)
  • Grow relationship with BRITTANY

Jessica Minick


  • Make Sr. next year
  • Host 1 meeting per year for VIE


  • Continue to be frugal
  • Start dating (Put more attention on love life)
  • Finding Stress Management Tools (2 days a week)
    • Yoga
    • Sleep
    • Drink Tea
    • Tell boss I’m leaving at 4:30pm (once per week)

Zach Luczynsky:-  Also See attached documents- Zach goals


  • Pay rent with recurring revenue
  • See how far I can take shirt off my back
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Orchestrate Vie Speaker Series
  • Continue to help people w/goals (VP human development)
  • Help put youngest sister through college! (Harvard expensive)
  • Work less than 20 hours/week by 25
  • Be punctual @ work at 730am


  • Rainbow—Make a “double rainbow experience”
  • Fortune cookie story-
  • See—-Goal Sheet attached
  • Get a tattoo (fip bucahnan, Call jessica)
  • Watch 2 films and write something about them (share with others)
  • Go live somewhere else
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Keep surprising her.


  • Meditating 1 /week


  • Wing suit

Matt Clifford – See attached



  • Build a more robust associate program for BUMP
  • Define mission statement and build core values and establish unforgettable culture
  • Have 1 million users by 6/6/2011


  • Have product by end of year
  • Have 3 meetings with nationwide Buyers from:
    • Henrys
    • WholeFoods
    • Trader Joes
    • Establish Distribution Channels
    • More focused Marketing Initiative
    • Complete Terms sheet and funding

Clifford Holdings

  • Find property manager
  • Indentify better accounting process
  • Look into Property Management  Co.
  • Meet with Estate Planning Attorney

Internet Annuity

  • Indentify High margin, low maintenance sustainable revenue stream business



  • Discipline, learn to say NO (Harness your thinking, Limit your distractions)
  • Only commit to things you and will follow through on.
  • Take interest in everyone, and never criticize.
  • Never become complacent, always take on new tasks, learn new things, and meet new people.
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, get ready to fail forward.
  • Maintain Eustress.


  • Place top 10 in age group at Clearwater
  • Always improve previous time
  • Run and Place competitively in Marathon
  • Complete open water long distance swim
  • Sign up for full ironman
  • Defined six pack