What We Do

We understand all Institutions have specific requirements, and a diverse level of students at various stages of growth. We gladly custom tailor our programs to provide the highest level of impact for students.


  • Large motivational programs for college bound students
  • One on one coaching and mentoring
  • One to many mentoring
  • Small class seminars

Case Studies

The future of leadership in an ADD world

Our society is ever changing and contially evolving. We are moving away from a structured work environment towards results oriented often remote workplace. The days of dedicating 20 years of your life to 1 company are gone. The average person will have 35 jobs throughout their life and students are currently learning to solve problems that don’t exist. Leadership is being redefined, and don’t be surprised the learn it’s embracing the attention deficit workplace.

Easy A’s and the Teachers Dilemma

Ever wonder why some students continually receive high marks with little or no effort? It’s not because they are smarter than you, it’s because they know the system(s). Both internal and external. In Golf, it’s not about how hard you swing, but more about how smooth your stroke is. In college it’s not about how long you study, but how well you execute. This workshop provides an internal and external view of yourself and the teacher’s dilemma.

How to leverage your personal brand

Look at the people around you and ask. If they were a stock, would I invest in them? In other words, is the future value of your surroundings going up? Down? or remaining flat? Are you a growth stock? An undervalued asset? Or would others short you in the market. This workshop will help you identify and communicate the value of your stock.

Maximizing your college experience with limited resources

How to make money in college and enjoy doing it. Personal experiences and stories from members of Vie international that review the stupid, the wacky, the crazy and the wildly successful college startups. How to monetize your surroundings and leverage student’s irrational passions.

What Teachers don’t want you to know about Google

Navigating the single largest repository of information to date and how to do it efficiently and effectively.  Cut your research time in ½, and learn how to complete most assignments in fewer than 5 minutes.  Do less solving, and more finding.  with the right tools you will never have to recreate the wheel, only make it better!

Understanding the 20’s in an 80/20 society

Using pereto’s principal to maximize your college experience. Measuring the meaningful and focusing on the 20% of things that really count. The rest can be worried about offshore.

Shifting your paradigm

Identifying your passion, and following your definite of purpose. Learning the difference between laying bricks and building churches.